28th FSUK         40th FSG       12th FSCz


Honda CBR600RR with Variable Volume Intake


Hybrid CDS and T45 Tubular Steel Spaceframe with a carbon skin

Wheels and Tyres

13" Braid Formrace with Hoosier Slicks


AP Racing 2 Piece Billet with Laser Cut Steel Discs

Together with LUMotorsport, this car has competed at both Great British and European events such as Silverstone, Hockenheim and Czech Republic. It was the first car to include an aerodynamic package, composed by a single plane front and rear wing, tested at the facilities at Loughborough and at Bruntingthorpe proving ground. They proved to be highly benefitial to the dynamics of the car, specially at high speed events such as Gurston Hillclimb and FSCzech.


This car can now be seen at Loughborough University's Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering department's atrium.