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Aims for the Year

New year, largely new team, new rules, and the strongest starting point LUM has had in the electric era means our targets this year are ambitious, but if you shoot for the moon and miss, you still end up amongst the stars.

With LFS23 in a close to running state, a section of the team is focused on getting moving under its own power in a competition legal manner, this will allow us to go testing, gather data and information on our suspension setup, drivability and more importantly the accumulator, letting us understand it’s limitations to give us a reliable electric powertrain. It will also give the team the invaluable experience of running a formula student car, something we have missed in the electric era.

The rest of the team are focused on the design of next year’s contender, LFS24. With new impact attenuator height requirements, the cars drooped nose will give it a different look from LUM cars of recent paired with a new aerodynamics package. This new look car will inherit much of LFS23’s powertrain giving us confidence in the reliability of the system, allowing us to push forward to dynamic event running, where along with our strong statics scores should help push us to a high top ten finish at FSUK.

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