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Some frequently asked questions

Do you need to study engineering to do it?

Not at all! There is an incredible amount of work that goes into making a car, far beyond the design and build of the vehicle. However, you are still able to get involved with the engineering side even if you do not do an Engineering degree.


What are typical work hours for a first year?

We officially meet on Wednesdays afternoon and on Saturdays. However the office is open everyday!


Do you need any experience?

We don’t expect students to have any experience before they get to University, however any additional knowledge or skills related to motorsport will be beneficial to the team.


Is it a part of the degree?

Whilst at other universities it sometimes is, at Loughborough, Formula Student is run as an extracurricular activity. This means that as long as you are passionate about the project and motorsport in general, you can get involved.


Does it cost anything?

It does not cost anything to join the team and we cover most expenses related to any travel/events.


Who drives the car?

Us, the students! We choose our fastest team members to represent us at competitions in the summer. However, if you are not picked for these, we let all team members experience the car during our Team Drive Day.


What events do you do?

At the end of the academic year we always go to Formula Student UK, which takes place at Silverstone. We also aim to take part in either one or two European events (last year we went to FS Czech!)

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